Thursday, February 09, 2006

WOW...DAMN ...Almost forgot to reflect on this quote...

Yah, man read this earlier. My sis (yah she is Freaking coo) got me the complete year of Ceramics Monthly from 1982. Anyway i was reflecting ...*cough* in the bathroom* on an article that i was reading from the febuary issue. The article name was " A Workshop with Michael Casson". Anyway great article. This "bloke" founded the Harrow Studio Potters Course. It was the first degree program, over the pond, that was for production potters, pretty f@#king cool if you ask me. Anyway the article is about a workshop that he held between the Pacific ocean and the redwood forested forest in northern Cali. This guy was real practical. Beautiful work. The level of function is unmatched, but also held the weight of an artist that knew not only what she/he was doing, but what she/he wanted to do. Focus, plain and simple. He had that rare knowledge of what the F$%k he wanted to do with his art.

This is the quote that NAILED it with me. I am still in my infantry....i still suck from the teat of creative direction and what not. Its so obvious i have not found my direction it is painful...Though i try to be dedicated. Anyway let me share the quote that has recently nailed me....Floored me...ect

"Until you know who you are as a potter" (or artist....Between the () is my interception)he observed, "you won't develop".

....damnit....Again I am forced to self reflect.

He's right. I speak for myself, but come on, i can't be the only one. I almost AVOID that question. Seems easy right. What do you want to do with your art.......No f&*k that, it is NOT that easy. Its life or death for us (artists). It revels (in my opinions) our fears, weaknesses, and faults. We hate to go there. We like to state we "do" this or that. Or i am "working" on this style......No I need to look at my work and myself. What am i doing. Is it what i want to do....Is it working towards what i want to do.......Am i dedicated to what i want to do......And AM I WILLING TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO......i Dunne....i f*&king hope so

And i think applies to any of your mediums.....Ask yourself.

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Copious said...

Agreed. A direction helps you develop, true. However, it's possible to 'wing it' to a degree - sorta like luckin' out. Having said that, there's your 'bit of everything style', as well.

But I digress, a direction, theme, or goal is definitely needed to develop. And that question is a real bitch. >_>

To a degree, it feels as though you're limiting yourself...