Saturday, February 04, 2006

First Post: A Slight Overview

Well starting a blog. Pretty much trying to record,remember, some of the trials and trepidation of my pursuits in art. Its been a journey to say the least. Going to have to do much reflecting to get up to date. But anyway this will be a written recording of the pursuits of a potter. Gains, losses. Gambles, risks, and stabs in the dark. No idea if any will stumble upon this site, no idea if any will return. But I have been through so much I feel it a waste to not get some of it down.
From my early pursuits in art out of Highschool (a decade ago) to the jobs I though would help me with art, like thinking becoming a mortician to free up some time by not having a schedule and working nights. And first off I have to warn you about spelling and grammar. I really want to stick with this. And often, time (or my attention span) is short)so I am going to allow myself to remain loose with the "rules". Feel free to let me know when I have pushed that limit to the point of not making any sense. My thanx in advance HAW!

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