Wednesday, February 08, 2006

FOrms and bad Pictures PART 1

Geese! Seems i missed a couple of days....Such is life. Anyway got a few things done since Sunday. Threw Monday. Did a bunch of simple 8" bowls. Also recycled a ton of clay....yippie *spins finger in air* though always happy when i get some of that done.

Working on a new ....Style...Perspective may be a better word, for my work.

Oh let me digress, and get used to it i do that all the time....

About to toss up a photo of the subject of this little post. The problem (as I have mentioned in other rambles) is the fact i am totally NOT set up to take any pictures. And i should not be putting up any of the crap on line. I will though, since a lot of the writing here is also notes for my work HAW!!

Anyway the reason i took this pic in the first place was the fact i have this old small fireplace you see. Well hasn't been used in years. Can;t be used. Though the family of raccoons uses it just fine. Anyway, It got painted flat black (well the can said flat anyway). So me being the genius i am i went "hey, what a great mini backdrop for taking worthless pictures for my notes". NO...Its not.

I know so little about taking pictures past

1. set to Auto (little dial by my thumb)
2. Point at victim (this case a leather hard chunk of clay)
3.apply pressure to designated button to "shoot" picture. I like term "shoot" the picture in this case because it seems i kill whatever falls into my view finder. I swear during one of these impromptu photo shots, i will see a pot dive for cover,

Again i digress....

What i did learn is the fact that with indoor photos it all comes down to lighting....Don't give me that no s*$t look. I know its importance, what i learned is you can't even fudge it. The flash just sucks for anything like this. Got to have the picture lit. Anyway the little experiment was a failure. But i will toss the pic up anyway and get back to the talk on "form" i WAS going to get to.

Here is the pic, scuse the total lack of professionalism of the picture.


tstone said...

Okay, so WHERE'S the picture?!! lol

The Potter Stone said...

scroll down ;) they are labeled part 1 2 and 3. The pic is part 2