Monday, July 31, 2006

Today is my last fire before Heritage days. Hopefully I have enough for two days. Got almost everything fired I wanted to. That's not a bad thing. I like to be able to have a choice of what I will bring. Now I must label and pack. I am glad I do not travel more than a mile to the show. Bonus!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


*photo* Milkweed just....Holding...On...

August is damned busy!!.
^Getting married.
^Have my first sale sharing a spot with my sister at "Heritage Days" in Scituate MA.
^getting my work organized on the net. I just got a "pro" account at Flichr...I am really enjoying the site. Want to enjoy some good art? And or fun photos, head over there and check it out.
^I want to create (or find) two new glaze recipe's for my next months "batch of work"
^my alliterative firing schedule is starting over, time to sling some clay.
^Honeymoon (that one is easy ;) )
^ retre shoot photos of my work. I wanted to get this done before my sale....Only..One...Week...Left ...*groan*

But busy is good good good.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


My sister found this cool little "Badge" feature at her friends blog (which is great by the way

Its great will send you right to my gallery...Is a bit sparse right now. I ran out of room. I have the peasant account...*cough* free. Check it out. It is located on the right sidebar.

She is a great artist herself. Have you heard of the Cow Parade? Well there is one in Boston MA right now. Google Al the photos I have of it is in there apartment...So I think I will hold off from posting them for now, heh, until I get some pics of them on location. One is right in front of the Trinity Church! Holy Cow!!

one cow is painted with a field of sunflowers, the other is a red cow with blue spots.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Don't you hate limits in life...Seems like I already reached my "image upload limit" at Flikr...Oh well. The search for a free gallery continues.

Last kiln fire came out well. A new stoneware color scheme, and a new Jade glaze.

I have to say I am using the glaze book "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes" to learn the process. It has really been a great tool and teacher. I suggest it to anyone that wants to go from commercial glazes to mixing your own. Easy to follow, allows you to learn at your own pace. I know from many ceramic artist that have triedIit i have spoken with, it is well liked and tested.

I have a window of 3 more kiln fires before Heritage Days in Scituate MA. I will do a bisque and two glaze fires. I have been a slave to the kiln and fire pit for two months....freakin love it -TPS-

Check it out, still smoking from the fire

right out of the fire. These pieces are from the last session. One is still smoking (have to admit still had smoldering material inside but looks dramatic...hah!). They have a certain satin beauty before they cool and get cleaned. -TPS-

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gallery in the works.

Almost forgot about this. I am most likely not going to stick with this site (not THIS site, the pic hosting site flikr). But I am playing around with setting up a gallery of photos.

Its real loose, just a mock up. So things may change often. Feel free to leave some suggestions. Right now I am looking for a free photo hosting site (with gallery set up). But in the near future I will pay for something better.

Those that use Flickr might find searching for my photos a pain in the arse. I did not really set up the "tags" on the photos right. I think I will change them to "the potter stone" rather than the description of the work.
Well was going to post a before and after of last weeks kiln load but it seems I have "misplaced" the photos >_<. Such is life. Anyway i have one to be unloaded once cool today. I will makesure i get the picture up. It also seems i am curently unable to upload photos so that nixes that idea anyway.

Well might as well take this time then to plug the next show. I will be selling with my sister @ Heritage Days in Scituate MA. here is a link to the information :

IT is the first weekend in august. The craft show is Saturday & Sunday 9 - 4. Check it out. There is great music and lots of great venders.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well will be back soon. I have new content, pictures, and time to finally start and stick with this. Getting married in a month YAY and having a sale a few weeks before. Will be busy but a good month.

I just finished my last of 4 loads of Barrel Smoked Pottery like this bottle. Within the next couple days I should have a link posted to a gallery I am putting together. Will just have before and after pictures of my work. Plus pictures of the work itself.

Later -TPS_-