Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ummm Shall We Try Again

So I am going to start posting again. The last burn out was due to a few excuses. The injury lingered due to nerve damage. And work at the cheese factory got BUSY. I hardly had any time in the studio and it was a drag posting THAT.

So here we are. A year later....few years later not even sure. There have been some events. First off I joined a new Guild located in Grafton VT. A member had approached me expressing interest. I dragged my feet at first. I had one guild experience already that turned into a total non-starter and I really did not want to get involved in a guild that was also going through its first tentative year. But even with my worries it turned out to be a great thing. I am getting regular sales through them and some good exposure. They being very focused on be self sufficient I feel they are taking a responsible approach they will keep the gallery open. Super talented artists and good people help a lot as well.

So with the guild being busy along with a good string of private sales I have not been able to keep up with the demand. This was a goal Allison and I have been working towards for a few years now. Once I physically needed more time in the studio to make more pots for sales I would step back to part time and try to keep the momentum going. I gave notice at the cheese factory and started getting organized for a more robust potter's life. Also Allison's work load has been BUSY so it was time for me to step up and become a better domestic Dave.

We where excited, optimistic and motivated for our new step in life. Then........Irene came a knocking.

Kiln went under 5 feet of water. THe houses basesments where flooded, well contaminated (still) and had to repair furnaces, washer dryer, electrical...the usual fair after a flood.

Anyway here we are now. Just got the new kiln wired in the studio last week and have been firing everyday since. I have pretty much missed the holiday sales season in full, but getting ready for next year. I am selling in to locations other than my own studio in Chester VT and Grafton VT.

Lots of new work to post once I get kilns unloaded and pictures taken. Hopefully next year will be busy and successful with the studio. More than ready to move on since the flood. I will be firing almost daily so for once I feel I will have something to share here. I will keep you all posted on the now more full time role as a potter in the Green Mountains of VT. This has been our goal for almost 7 years now ever since I started taking the craft serious. I will be putting all the energies into my work and business. I can't wait! Hopefully online sales will soon be available and the studio will be open (unofficially) this weekend to try and get some holiday sales.

Will post again soon.

Thanks! -Dave-