Friday, February 10, 2012

Faceting, New Pots and Photography Face Palming.

Studio Shot 02/10/12

So been busy in the studio. Lots of throwing, trimming, glazing and photos. And lots more to do. All of the above plus trying to finish up some cabinets (with counter) for display and get some decent photos done to get juried for galleries and shows. I am also in dire need some new shelving in the studio. I don't have much and have officially run out of display room to the point of pots on the floor.

So I got to try out some of the glaze layering I tested with the new glazes a few weeks back. Got some great results.

I have also been toying with a new for. Been doing some faceting on the wheel. You can see it aplied to the piece above and the two below.

I am happy with the technique. I spent years trying to learn control at the wheel. I do love loose organic pottery. I really love pottery that has a soft flowing texture to it with dropping lines and an almost fabric like quality. But before I started to play with these texture I wanted to make sure I had the ability to "control" these techniques (to a point) rather than be out of control and inconstant. At the very least I wanted to be able to make a cylinder a cylinder with control over the thickness of walls and the floor of a pot. Be able to come up with a form and create it to the specs I want, and be able to do decent repetition throwing. The only way I used to "loosen up" my work was I only weighed my clay before throwing. No calipers or rulers. I think this keeps each pot a little unique from the next. My "Four Finger mugs get a little squashed while still spinning on the wheel after I finish throwing them so they fit each hand different and give the rim a nice wobble.

I know that these other techniques (like faceting) are to create organic forms. There purpose is to remove some of that control so the textures happen on there own BUT I have seem some pottery sold as "organic" or loose... that I found to be just lazy. Really I am not on any high horse here (even with a snarky comment like that) but its a result of working at a ceramic supply warehouse for a few years. I saw LOTS of potters work and I learned pretty damned fast what was lazy and what was tight. Some of the most loose organic simple pots, like a Japanese tea bowl for example, just emanate ability, patience and strength. So I play. I am just beginning to try some of the techniques and been enjoying it. I am glad I spent the hours at the wheel. Not letting rims wobble, bellies lose there line, or not trim a foot out of "saving time". I try to keep the form above all else. I have a lonnnnnngggg way to go, but its all in the repetition and research. Both of which I enjoy.

There's a ramble for you....oh well. Its easier to talk shop over a beer than get the thoughts down on I think it comes from the fact I am a hand talker.....yeah...half of my communication skills are lost in "wrtten word". Less spilled drinks due to my excited gestures anyway.Moving on.....

What I do not enjoy so much is this horrid mess. Photographers be ready to face palm.....


BAHHH hahaah!!!
Oh its pitiful. Here is where my laziness is all over the place. Painters lamps, no reflected light, All the light source above the pots and ambient light from windows and studio lighting all over the place. My pots have shadows, hot spots on glossy glaze, and a total lack of scale. The lack of scale really baffles me. I know there is no way to show scale without a comparison or written discription but when I look in pottery books and magazinesI can get a sense of "ok this is a large utilitarian mixing bowl" or "ahhh this is a small soup bowl". It could also be the forms I work with but I swear all my large pieces look like they would fit in the palm of your hand. I have no idea what the negative space should look like. I don't have proper lights (6 dollar painters lamps with a whooping 100watt "daylight" bulb in it). But I use four of them!!! I need to invest in some proper lights and lighting equipment. My photos work at least for things like Facebook and this blog but I will have my shots done at the photography store for a juried contest and such.

So that is about all that is going on currently. Hopefully I can get some pictures up of my new displays in the studio soon (once I finish them). Also I am trying to "fancy up" my vending display in the easy up tent. Actually ordered some displays of of ebay and plan on making some risers. Talk to you later ~TPS~