Monday, February 13, 2006

My Carved Pieces

Hers one just finished (stands about 9 inches this is unfired semi greenware. This style is what I really enjoy. Though i enjoy it all. This piece probably took me at the most 20 hours (just carving). I enjoy it though, so forgot those that say you can;t spend that much time on a piece. The carved piece i put up in the photo taking post took over 100 hours so meh *thumbs nose*. Its art i do for the sake of art. I love them. I couldn't care less if i never sell a piece.

Anyway here's a question for anyone that would care to post. I am lost in colors. I refuse to glaze glossy, makes it look wet and slimy...Sloppy. That is not the look I am going for. I do like how i did the other (though someone ended up under firing it for me, I do like it darker (cone 6 rather that 5). I did that with a strait Iron Oxide (used Spanish red iron oxide).I can vary the depth of the ruddy red by how thick it is applied. Pretty much i lay it thick and pull it like water color. It takes a long time but when you see the piece in person (in my opinion) it has a nice soft fluid effect.

whoa getting off track.

OK back to color. Also i would like to apply it during the either bone dry or bisque stage. But geese i am lost. As you can see there is a glazed area and an unglazed. I am still trying to figure out how to go about this. Its tough because i have spent HUNDREDS of hours on these pieces. I am very happy with how the shape and texture is coming out....But lost with the color /glaze under glazed, mason stain ect.

Man i wonder if i will feel i have figured out any of these pieces....In any amount of years.

But i do enjoy doing them.

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