Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Form cont... PART 3

OK back to form. What i am now trying to pull of is taking classic shapes and accenting it. Bringing out its beauty or strength. Compliment those classic forms. There is a saying i have heard a ton of times with potter's. One i believe in fact. When talking about "shape" or "form" you might here "its all been done", and in many ways it has. Pottery is ancient. It goes back...Way back. And we don't have anything on our ancestors when it comes to the art. They are the ones that put form, beauty and function together in the first place. I think about how tupper ware would piss them off to no end. Don't get me wrong, i am a huge fan of tupperware. Hell, I almost can't imagine life without it. But its an example where we could care less about the forms in our lives. There's no beauty in tupperware, only function. How it stacks empty or full, ect. Maybe in a retrospective way there is beauty, but come on, not like the pottery of our ancestors. Pottery was there tupperware. It held things that needed holding, and it was beautiful. It was given thought and care. Anyway what i want to do is look at these forms and see what i can do to bring them out. With this piece (and a few others like it) i tried to give it a quality of comfort. The belly has a place to sit, nestle, rest. And the neck also has a quality (i hope) of a stable base. But its not just cut from the belly. Or shooting out lie a chimney. It works with the belly. And its foundation is where the two meet. The neck cupping the belly.

Anyway that's a start. I am happy with it. Its got a lot of work. But i give many pieces (again i hope and try) tension with narrow bases, over powering bellies with narrow necks. Here i want the same level of emotion (lack of a better word)but with comfort, and bringing out the beauty of classic shapes.

yah and i need to learn the camera better.....More of the fact i need to create some cheap lighting. But i have a plan, will keep you posted. Or maybe i'll just let you figure out when i finally got around to doing it....i pray its obvious when done, HAW!!


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