Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Sunday

Well Superbowl Sunday. I'm just pumped for the fact I get to eat all freaking day.

Was going to head out to my studio to throw but decided I would work on this blog instead....No idea if that is lazy or not. Looks like I will be throwing tomorrow so I figure I might as well get to work on the blog. Also will be doing a glaze fire at cone 6. Will post pics later in the week to show the result. Have a few pieces that are commission so hopefully I will have some success with the glaze and make some much needed scratch. I am sorely in need of supplies, and I am hoping I can take some of the money made and put it into my supply pool. The problem is the fact the freaking taxes are coming up fast. I was being taxed as a mortician with a FREAKING 1099. I will have to pay like 30% back.

That hurts. F*$k Can't wait to get a bit more stable with cash. I still need seed money for the ceramics. BUT my stock is growing. Got to get some sales online.

there's another issue I am feeling. I have not a single photo of my work worthy to put to slide. That is killing me. I have the tools to do it. But I need to get some cheap lighting and backdrops to set it up.....ugh ....Maybe for my b-day.


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