Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Things are moving slowwwwww....

Well still living with the hernia. In fact I ended up at the hospital last night. Nothing exciting happened. What brought me to the hospital is that the doctor that diagnosed me advised me to go right to the hospital if there is any change in the discomfort, pain and or size and shape of the "hernia". Three big check-marks there. And I waited a few days instead of going right to the hospital. The pain finally got me to go in. I learned if I am not careful I will have to have emergency surgery right away and then it is a whole new ball game.

So I am not going to push it anymore.

It is such a drag though. Not only am I not sure when I am going to go back to work I am not able to sit at my potters wheel. I gave it a dry run. I just sat on the stool, that alone sucked, and went through the motions without even having any clay on the wheel. I could tell right off the bat that it was not a good idea. Even though I am not lifting anything the physics involved just seemed to center around the hernia of course.

There is so much I want to do right now. I need to start doing much more surface decoration. My inventory is way way way to low. I do not have enough to commit to anything, be it online sales or a craft/art show. I have at least two more fires I can do. I have to fire the cups and a few bowls but I currently do not have enough glaze to do it.

Oh well. I have hit the sketch book and have some new forms I am really exited about doing. They are really solid. Good design visual interest and strong function. Going to get into some stoneware containers and finally start throwing these tumbles that have been in the back of my mind. They will share the same design.

Also this does give me some time to do some research. As some of you know I have been trying to figure out how to fire my pots in reduction. At this stage of my work I believe firing with gas is the best choice and for the fact I have propane in my studio already. The problem is I am not sure what type of kiln I should shoot for. I would like to build my own but all the information I have is for kiln larger than I can afford right now. I would like to build something smaller and when it becomes needed dismantle the kiln and build it bigger. I just do not have the know-how to size down the kiln plans I have. I am getting long winded here. On top of the lack of know-how each time Allison and I think we have the financial clout to pull off the kiln without going hungry another expense rears its ugly head. This time it is this hernia.

So as a result of that I decided I am going to research vitreous cone 6 slips. This will give me a mat surface and a whole new texture to work with. Slip is more clay than glaze. It can be as simple as the clay body I am working with that has had water added to it making it more of a liquid than a solid. A vitreous slip means that the slip is totally vitrified. It shares qualities with glass meaning it is totally solid. It will not absorb. This makes for a good surface application. Will give an effect of something more like a colored clay. Allison and I are really looking forward to this new Idea.

And finally here are a few pictures of my empty unorganized studio and the work I have left. There are pictures from my last glaze fire. The small triangular bowls came out nice.

Some of the newer glazes.

Burnished forms.

Commissioned platter and bowl.

The new triangular small bowls.

Some unfinished work.

And the messy table. Kind of the dumping ground till I get my displays set up and organized.

Lastly some more burnished and carved pieces.

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I love the new glazes