Friday, December 04, 2009

New pots, glazes and a hernia. Ouch.

Well Seems I have a hernia. I will not go into details because it gives me the willies. It is a pretty good one, or bad one (however you want to put it) so I am out of commission for a while. I have to go in for surgery next Wednesday IF I AM LUCKY because the doctor said there is a good chance I may end up in the ER before then.

Fun Stuff!!

Anyway lets get back on track with the work.

I got two bisque and two glaze fires done. I am using two glazes I recently made. One being Oatmeal the other Field-Mouse Green. They are real solid glaze chemistry from the book Mastering Cone Six Glazes. I used then before but on a clay body that was way to dark with iron. Anyway here are the results.

I find them very very subtle. I love the green but the oatmeal seems so boring to me. I think it will make an amazing liner (that being a glaze for the inside of mugs for example) and maybe with some surface decoration it will become a bit more interesting. Allison liked it and said she thought it would sell well. They really did come out well though. In the book the author uses a clay body, I believe, that has a slightly higher iron content than mine did so it has a warmer rusty quality.

Oh and during Turkey day weekend I finished the carved vase. Here is a before and after.



So not sure where I am going to be at the next week(s). I have not yet heard how long my recovery will be. It sounded like it was figured on a case by case basis. God knows when I am going to be back to full strength. I have been a professional mule most of my life, lifting a carrying heavy things for employers. Hopefully i can get some small simple work done in the studio. Not sure how much wheel work I am going to try at least before the surgery. I do have to glaze and fire my triangular bowls so that gives me something to get done. Plus a bisque fire and glaze fire for the blue cups. This hernia is such a drag but really its not that big a deal. Could have been so much worse.

Later, ~DS.


Tracy said...

That's so awful Dave!!! But, maybe you could head in a new direction with your pottery....

The Potters Stone said...

I read about her in Ceramics Monthly. Beautiful work. I wish I could remember the artist but there was another one that did mini pots and would build a mini wood kiln for each fire. Cool stuff.