Friday, November 13, 2009

To fast!!

This week has gone to fast! I thought I would get so much more done and did not. I know that is always the way it works. One big project is I have the old studio space almost completely cleaned up. That was a beast of a clean up. We have also been getting a new wood furnace installed so we need the space for wood.

I have started throwing in red clay again. First picture (above) is a few pieces thrown for my thousand crane firing. These are thrown, trimmed and drying. Soon I will start burnishing them. They will be fired in the style that I had done this bowl below.

I also started whipping out my small cups.

They will end up looking like these (below). They are such a simple little cup but the sell like crazy.

I did break down and use my calipers this time to make them a little more uniform. I love them all being a little unique though.

Lastly, being that it is Friday the 13th here is the little black cat Chiffon inspecting some clay I picked up in a pinch today.

Making sure its not to dusty.

Enjoy your weekend. Happy Friday the 13th!!

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Tracy said...

Cutest Halloween kitty ever!!