Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carved Vase

Dave was very sick this week so we neglected the blog. The Swine Flu rapidly infected many at Dave's work.

While Dave was re-cooperating, he decided to work on carving a vase. He was experiencing pottery withdrawal even though he had very little energy to expend.

This is the vase before Dave started carving.

This is Dave carving the pot. He did not move for hours.

Dave will follow up with pictures.

We are a little behind in getting ready for Thanksgiving. We finished all the shopping and Dave was even able to do some small projects around the house this weekend.

Have a Nice Holiday!


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~DS said...

Man the flu was such a drag. Gave me an excuse to start a piece in a style I miss doing. Hopefully I will find time (yeah right) to do more.