Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Living in Vermont

We moved to Vermont from Scituate Massachusetts two years ago. We bought our first house. We fell in love with the location, size of the house (including the extra room for pottery) and the property.

This is a picture of the hill (we think) behind our house. It is on the other side of the Mill River. The foliage is beautiful in the fall.

We also love the Mill River and Freeman Brook on our property. It is very soothing to fall asleep to a flowing river.

Although we LOVE our house, we weren't really prepared for how much work and money it would require. We have done a lot of work inside and out and have a LOT of work still left. We have truly enjoyed the trials and tribulations of being homeowners!


~DS said...

In the first picture the image is beautiful! Except for the sasquatch loping through it!

Tracy said...

Hmm, you guys should post the "hats" picture! ;)

~DS said...

No "hat" pictures. You know the rules!