Saturday, November 14, 2009


This weekend we are starting to prepare to host our second Thanksgiving in Vermont. Tomorrow we are going to the Dorset Farmers Market for some Thanksgiving provisions. We try to buy almost everything from Vermont. We ordered a fresh turkey from a local farm and will try to buy all local vegetables and herbs. We are ordering dessert from A Dozen Eggs Bakery (the beautiful cookie in the picture was a gift from our friends at A Dozen Eggs).

We are also trying to finish projects in the house. The ceiling that was half painted last Thanksgiving is still half painted. We are hoping to pretend we did not go the entire year without finishing the painting.



~DS said...

The ceiling is half done.
"Half done".

Not half undone.

Just like the glass of water. The water is half FULL!

Well I feel better now!

Tracy said...

I wish I was coming!!! But at least everyone won't be tortured by the crazy white dog. Maybe by next year she'll be a bit calmer...

If you get the Pumpkin Whoopee pies for you're dessert I'm going to cry...

The Potters Stone said...


No pumpkin whoopie pies this year but we will pre-order them for next year so you will come!

Tracy said...

Hah! You'll definitely be stuck with Sugar and us next year!!!