Wednesday, May 02, 2012

So what do you drink out of?

Quickie first then the meat of the post.

So question for all of you. "What do you drink out of".  Yes this is interactive! Just a quick answer or be awesome and post a picture of it. I will also ask on my Facebook page ( )

Allison and I where talking all things pottery the other night and I though "what are you drinking out of". We all have that cup of ritual. That favorite mug or cup. The one that we hand wash because we cannot wait for the dishwasher to fill up. Be it travel mug, Ball jar, generic vacation novelty mug, scratched up old tumbler glass I want to know! One of my top favorites is not hand made pottery so don't feel it has to be. But I want to know what sacred vessel is you #1 cup.

I will elaborate soon but I am curious if anyone will take the time to share. I would LOVE to see or hear what is yours. I know we all have one for sure.


the pedigree artist said...

favorite cup? Not really... but my Montana water bottle goes with me everywhere... and I get upset when it starts to smell so that may just be my favorite

Tracy said...

The main thing I drink out of at home is one of my Newbury Comics pint glasses. Otherwise its my purple 'klean kanteen' goes with me everywhere.