Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Gearing up! Vermont Open Studios

Studio shot 05-09-12

The Potter Stone Studio 05-9-12
Gearing up. Getting ready for Vermont Open Studios! Again this camera always makes the studio look cleaner than it is. Its getting real bad with the extra push for Open Studios. I have piles of bisque ready for glazing in all corners of the studio and glaze spilled all over the floor making me paranoid I am going to track it over into the house. I have have at least five kiln loads waiting to fire....a lot of that is due to plates and large serving/ salad bowls that hog space in the kiln.

The Potter Stone Bisque 05-09-12

 This will be my third year, fourth Vermont Open Studio Weekend (Memorial Day Weekend Saturday & Sunday) I have taken part in. We did a trial run of a fall Open Studios, but was iffy due to the State having been turned ass over teakettle by hurricane Irene thus making "four" times involved in three years. I am going to do a "Vermont Open Studio Extravaganza" post soon to cover it. I want to share where I would go if I could. One of influencing factors of deciding to make Vermont our home was Vermont Open Studio Weekend. Being able to go to artists spaces and ask questions was an amazing resource. I miss being able to visit artists studios but love having people encouraged to visit mine. Remember my studio is more often than not open daily so if you ever want to visit and you are in the neighborhood stop by! I have signs and a flag when open but I encourage people to try and get in touch to make sure I will be here when they stop in.

Here is one other exciting thing that went on in the last week!!!!

It was Vermont Green Up Day May 5th!! As some as you know we were effected by the flooding. We have the house in order and now its time to clean up the property. We (as best we could we had another commitment in Montpelier VT later that day) decided to kick off the effort on Vermont Green Up Day Its the day where we clean up Vermont. Stretches of highway are closed, green bags are picked up down town and we clean up the state. A lot of effort this year is to help clean up areas that were hit after the storm. We did not have to travel far since there is a few metric tons of it in the back yard. I was going to post some pictures but its just a bit depressing.  Anyway in about four hours Allison and I did 8+ bags of trash and 105+ tires. There are 200+ more tires to go but it felt great getting a start. It also looks a bit better from the road anyway.

Best part I was not sure what to do with the tires other than line them up next to the road. We were to bring the bags to the dump within a week and I don't think they wanted me lugging the tires there. Happily Monday morning I heard a few rumbles and bangs, peeked out the window, and saw that VT Transportation had brought a 10 wheel dump truck and a front end loader to gather up my weekend foraging. THANK YOU VERMONT TRANSPORTATION even though the poor guys picking up the tires seemed less than thrilled.

That is about it for now. Working on an ambitious teapot and have some glaze cutting to do. I'll get back soon with my Vermont Open Studio post letting you know more about it, where you should go, and how to find me. You are going to visit me?....right...would be so nice to see you.... ;)

OH and I am going to post about my "cup" question (previous entry) . I just want to collect some more data, ha! 

Later ~TPS~

The Potter Stone , The Archimedes Kitty Stone


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