Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Outfitting the Studio.

Studio Shot 05-15-12

So I have a lot of pots coming out of the kiln these weeks getting ready for Vermont Open Studios. My CVP (Central Vermont Power) meter reader was by the other day knocked on my door concerned  to show me my the meter spinning like a top. That was my kiln drinking up the power. I really want the studio full for Memorial Day Weekend. I always find myself wanting to return to studios that where full of different work. In the past there where stretches of time where I did not open my doors, just feeling my inventory was lacking.

Here are a few examples of what I have been working on.

Few examples of plates coming out of the kiln. Little pic heavy. Been working on plates with different color combos. These are 10" Chargers.

 So, again I have been playing with Mastering Cone 6 Glazes. First plate is "Oatmeal" with a glaze design of "Field Mouse Brown". Then the reverse of "Field Mouse Brown" with some "Oatmeal" on the rim. Then a plate of my classic blue glaze I have been using forever. After that its the old school glaze "Jan's Red/Brown" with "Field Mouse Brown" design on top. Lastly there is my blue with a glaze design of "Field Mouse Brown" and a pic of the finishing detail on the bottom of the plates. I always try to glaze bottoms as much as I think I can get away with and not stick it to a shelf.

Here is a picture of the teapots I shared in the last blog when they where just bisque.

They come with four cups. Here is an example of the set:
The trick is trying to find room for these in a working studio! Its hard to sacrifice the work area for display but I do like selling of of my studio. Here are a few new fixtures.

Shadow box I had built, pegs on the ceiling beam (there are 2 of these) and added fixtures to the south side of the studio.
 I still need to get glass shelves up, that I had to take down since the hardware was a bit dicey. Lastly here is a carved teapot in progress I am hoping to bisque and finish fire by next weekend. Almost done with the surface. I just need to clean up the tool marks.

Lots more to share, this one got wayyy to pick heavy. Next I'll share a few more pieces you'll find at my studio During Vermont Open Studios and do the post on the weekend including where I would go if I was not taking part in it. Catch you later, ~TPS~



Tracy said...

I adore your plates.

John said...

Thanks for the post, wonderful japanese design.
Here, a gallery in Paris, which has nice japanese art pieces:
Yakimono Japanese Ceramics

wct said...

I love your work and am enjoying the blog. Do you have the recipe for "Jan's Red/Brown" glaze posted anywhere? It is THE glaze that I have been looking for everywhere. I have pieces glazed in that color but have not been able to locate the glaze formula.

Anonymous said...

Hi - Can I ask what the recipe is for Jan's red/brown? I really like the color and wonder if you might share the recipe.

Thanks in advance. Cheers.