Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New header.

First off I want to thank my friend Dave up and down for all the help he gave me. He also made the first AWESOME header on this blog.

Here it is..

Why would I change from this professional header image? Well, now that I have started, and have just begun to scratch the surface of blogging, I have a better idea where and how I want to go about the blog with Allison. This blog is more about the BEING a potter and BEING the wife of a potter, er... or rather this potter. Dave's work is gorgeous and way more professional than mine ever will. Having given it this thought I came up with the design. Also the blog was much more inspired by Allison (like most things in my life gods bless her). In my little limited imagination I see Allison taking my old blog and improving it, hence the red marker over the old "The Potter Stone" pic.

I know, its a pretty sad header but I like it. I made it on an ancient art program I cannot let go of and I am sure the chosen background, fonts, and image itself is horrid LOL, but hey you get what you pay for. I am sure I am going to redo it way to often but I have a fickle mind.

Also my creative sister started a blog of her own called "Ramblings of an Art School Dropout". It will be awesome. She is always up to good stuff in the city of Boston. She also has started this challenge of doing something creative for the sake of being creative every day. Good challenge! Her close friend "The Pedigree Artist" (another "Blogger" blogger) is also going to take up the challenge.

This and I have always been a third wheel. This is perfect. Having had this injury this will really help me get back on track. Plus will give me SOMETHING to post about. Everyone has said even though I am not able to work on my art I still should post what I am doing with my life......Trust me...not worth the post! Now I hopefully will have some material.

So that is all. This was one wicked ramble *Dave nods with approval". I should really get my thoughts together in a much more organized itemized way.....edit twice...NO THREE times and have my wife proofread before posting.

Then I would not be, "Being The Potter Stone", *thumbs nose* your lucky I use spell check!

Later, ~DS


Tracy said...

ACTUALLY, it was Christine's challenge first,,I just hopped on the bandwagon! My blog is crap, go see her's it is awesome!!!

The Potters Stone said...

Oops! I knew you where both doing it. And your blog is not crap. Its only day 2. Keep blogging!!

dkitty said...

and I didn't come up with the challenge myself, it was from LeahArt (Chestnut Hill MA)and her blog spot. In any regards, it's a good challenge. Dave, follow me on Twitter CWinship

The Potters Stone said...

I have yet to twitter. I will have to give it a shot one of these days.

Tracy said...

I'm on twitter too, (tracerd) ...although what I put up there is totally random and disjointed.

adozeneggs said...

I'm a bit scared of Twitter. Just started FB last year and our page is doing pretty well.
So maybe with some arm twisting, I could be convinced to Tweet. (oy, this whole tweet crap makes me feel old)
Chiffony looks beautiful!
Hey, I'm looking for something to gussy up the mantel. You have any vases left after Christams???

The Potters Stone said...

I do. All the really large ones are gone but I have some nice medium ones. Let me know if interested.

adozeneggs said...

I'm looking for maybe 3 in different sizes to use as a grouping......
I found a shop on Etsy with some adorable, girly pottery. I know that's not your style, but maybe for me to sell with something on my site??
I'll send you a link later.

adozeneggs said...

Here's a blog I thought you might like.
She does beautiful work. Love the lotus bowls and the cake stands with the birds.

Kelly said...

Love your work, Dave. Most professional and organized operation in central Vermont. You really know your stuff.

Ceramic bisque said...

awwwwww, I love kitties =]