Thursday, January 07, 2010


Yup, I have not posted in a while. Its been such a drag waiting for this injury to heal. I hate to post without new work but its taking too long. I have toyed around at the wheel but I can only sit there for so long before I start getting super sore and wonder if I am "pushing things" a little to fast. Its so hard to let this surgery heal. I have so much I have to get done but the doctor stressed it would not take much to re-injure myself and have to have the surgery all over again. No thanks, had enough fun the first time. I still have two weeks until the next appointment. That is not even the green light to go back to work (studio and cheese). He said it would be most likely, at the least, a week after that. I guess that means I still have a lot of healing to go. Plus its not that fun. Hurts like hell to sit at a stool and lean over the wound.

So anyway a few notes about the upcoming year.

First goal: Studio. I need to fill it to the gills with work. I could be missing out on sales as I write this! I do not want to open the doors until I have a good collection of work and some work I feel represents me. In the past I have visited many open studios to find a talented artist but not much work. I tend to not return to these. The studios that had lots of work are the ones I try to find an excuse to drive by and see what's new. I also (when healed) have to get the last few display shelves and tables finished and in the studio.

Second Goal: VT Open Studio Weekend

I got in by the skin of my teeth! The deadline was up in fact but they keep taking applications until they are full. I love Open Studio weekend. It was one of the things that Allison and I fell in love with when visiting Vermont before we honeymooned and moved here. Hundreds of artists open their studios to the public all over Vermont. The Vermont Craft Council does the most amazing job with the event. There is a tour guide that tells who is the artist, what the artist does, where on the map the artist is located, yellow numbered signs for each artist on street corners and written directions to said artist. Its awesome. Allison and I have done it for 4 years and have visited only a fraction of the artists. The weekend has a great atmosphere. You constantly bump into other people taking part in the open studios. Everyone is asking "have you seen the glass artist" or "before you leave this area you have to see the weaver, its just around the corner". I am so glad I made it in. So you can see goal 1 is much needed for goal 2. It will be a blast. I plan on being on the wheel fairly constantly showing how my wares are made. I might do a demo (one each day) on "horse hair raku" as well. I have to get the kiln done first though.

I could go on and on with "goals" but there are tomany. Sorry for the boring post, hopefully this surgery ordeal will be done and forgotten and I can get back to work.

Take it easy


dkitty said...

Dave - Good goals to have. Having the injury sucks, but sketch some ideas whilst you lie on your back. That way you still are being creative even though its not so much at the wheel. Just keep those juices flowin'!!

Tracy said...

SO awesome you are doing Open Studios!!! Remember when Amy and I came up for it? It was so much fun! Remember the singing dog? :)

Maybe by then we'll have some porcelein jewelry!

Heal fast!!!

adozeneggs said...

I'm glad you're heeding the doctors orders. Don't rush it.
BTW: My Dad's wife loved the blue bowl. Yay! We'll have to see if it's in their house next time I visit. (most of my gifts tend to disappear).
Nice pic of Archimedes he's super handsome!
Oh and when is this Open Studios??