Saturday, July 29, 2006


*photo* Milkweed just....Holding...On...

August is damned busy!!.
^Getting married.
^Have my first sale sharing a spot with my sister at "Heritage Days" in Scituate MA.
^getting my work organized on the net. I just got a "pro" account at Flichr...I am really enjoying the site. Want to enjoy some good art? And or fun photos, head over there and check it out.
^I want to create (or find) two new glaze recipe's for my next months "batch of work"
^my alliterative firing schedule is starting over, time to sling some clay.
^Honeymoon (that one is easy ;) )
^ retre shoot photos of my work. I wanted to get this done before my sale....Only..One...Week...Left ...*groan*

But busy is good good good.

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